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About Andreas Timm

On the professional side

Andreas Timm Business Portrait
Andreas Timm

I work since 20+ years in high tech industry right now for a global 500 company. For more than 15 years leading regional and international teams.

I am super passionate about all things management and leadership. I believe leadership and innovation are foundational to the success of any organisation. Be it a commercial enterprise or a non-profit organisation.

On the personal side

Andreas Timm Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving Blindsee, Austria

I live in the south of Germany in Munich. I am a Family Man: Married and we do have a wonderful son. I love travel with my family and I am a photographer. Check out some of my photos here.

I love sports like running, cycling and scuba-diving. I also regularly challenge myself to learn something new: Recently I started to learn playing the guitar – not yet good at it, but making progress! 🙂